Century Apartments

McCullough’s latest renovation project is a 75,000 SF apartment building on 16th Street, in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood. While there are 9 existing residential levels (88 units) that will be renovated, new construction will also include 4 new units in the basement and a new penthouse amenities area. Two of the 8th floor units will become duplex units with upper floors on the penthouse level.

While the façade will remain the same, new windows will be installed and point up of existing façade materials where needed. The new penthouse will have a think-brick masonry façade.

The biggest challenge on this project was that the building remained partially occupied throughout the entire renovation, requiring a phased construction schedule, as well as constant coordination of new and existing work.

Amenities include a fitness center, pet care room, club house area on the penthouse level and exterior terraces overlooking the city.

Estimated value is $14M.