Pappas Tomato Factory

NE, Washington, DC

Pappas Tomato Factory is a retail & office renovation project located behind Hecht Warehouse, in DC’s up and coming “Ivy City.” With approximately 137,000 SF, this building will incorporate an indoor soccer field, several exciting new retailers and 3 stories of office space within and on top of the existing structure.

With the existing old brick façade and a very industrial vibe, one of the challenges on this project will be making the newly renovated portion, mostly corrugated metal paneling, seamlessly complement the theme & feel of the remaining building. Another challenge is reinforcement of the existing building to support the indoor soccer field, which will be situated on top of one side of the main retail level.

Substantial overall completion is set for spring of 2018, but retailers will open in phases starting this winter. Estimated value is $16.3M