The 10 Best Commercial Contractors in Washington, District of Columbia

Home to important U.S. government buildings, Washington, D.C. is the official capital of the United States. In the middle of this federal district lies the White House, U.S. Capitol, and the Supreme Court Building. Offices and headquarters of many professional associations, notable institutions, and private businesses can also be found here and in nearby cities. Because of that, there is a high demand for skilled and professional commercial contractors in this area to make the buildings stand out and keep the affairs and businesses here running smoothly.

These commercial contractors help any establishment at every step of the process, from pre-planning, budgeting, and acquiring materials to construction, design, and securing permits. Featured in this article is a list of the best commercial contractors in Washington, D.C. All of them have been in the industry for many decades and have proven an excellent track record in providing award-winning services.

Operating for the last 20 years, McCullough Construction in Washington, D.C. has gained its reputation as an excellent general contracting firm that delivers on-time and within-budget projects while exceeding client’s expectations. It specializes in commercial construction and renovations, historic restorations, and multi-family residential buildings. Ranging from pre-constructing and estimating to general contracting and construction management, McCullough extends its services up to Maryland and Virginia.

With an engineering background and a 21-year experience in the industry as an engineer, Tom McCullough, the Founder and President of this company, makes sure of his hands-on involvement to ensure superior quality in every project the company handles. One of the excellent historic renovations it has done in DC is the conversion of the historic Acme Stove Building into the LivingSocial office, which earned the firm the District of Columbia Awards the Excellence in Historic Preservation in 2017. The building has undergone a full façade restoration while preserving the ancient look of the building.